Table of contents
Waldemar Schindowski / Elisabeth Voß: Preface

Eva Bulling-Schröter: Discussion paper: sustainability and left-wing politics

Burghard Flieger / Elmar Sing: Social sustainability
Alternative economy
Rolf Schwendter: The 'alternative economy' An antidote to creeping globalisation
Heinz Bierbaum: Social economy, past and present, and its future prospects
Regional economies
Heidi Knake-Werner: A publicly-supported employment sector
Erwin Meyer-Wölfing: Employment programmes and networking for development
Jean-Loup Motchane: Community economies are still shrinking violets (Link to "Le Monde diplomatique")
Stefan Ofteringer: Agricultural reform as an instrument for securing food supply
Women and economy
Rita Schäfer / Parto Teherani-Krönner: An overview of women's work in rural areas
Elisabeth Meyer-Renschhausen / Christophe Kotanyi: Smallholdings in town and country: a women's economy
Combating inner-city decline through grass-roots economies. Discussed by Heide Mertens, Carola Möller, Ulla Peters and Irena Vellay
Sustainable economies with and without money
Athos M. Staub: A green stock market in an age of 'shareholder value'?
Alexander Schwedeler: An outline of the operations of Triodos Bank
Stefan Merten: Taking instead of buying. Towards an economics of free software
Resistance against neo-liberal globalization
Peoples’ Global Action Network: a global network for local action
Attac: Declaration for the democratic control of international financial markets  (Link to
Raisons d’agir. CHARTA 2000: Proposals for a charter for social movements in Europe
The European marches for European basic social rights (Link to
Social issues
Barbara Dribbusch: We are all entrepreneurs!
Harald Glöde: The continuation of a deceptive immigration policy: opening the debate.
Hinrich Garms: An alternative economy with 'subsistence payments
Bodo Zeuner: Social Darwinism, or a revival of solidarity?
Country focus: the Netherlands
Nils Buis / Jaap van Leeuwen: Activism based on economics
Nils Buis / Jaap van Leeuwen: Ideas for an alternative economy
Nils Buis / Jaap van Leeuwen: A different attitude to money
Nils Buis / Jaap van Leeuwen: Sustainable consumption: the power of consumers
Nils Buis / Jaap van Leeuwen: Alternative living
People and projects
Jaap van Leeuwen: Profile of Paul Dijkstra of Utrecht: How an ideal is put into practice
Waldemar Schindowski: A multi-faceted life: A profile of Dieter Koschek of Wasserburg
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